“Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy” , Sun Tzu “Art of War”

We have chosen to adopt a Sun Tzu perspective, because we feel that his “Art of War” understood the notion of risk.

Risk management is the art of the possible. If you assess risks pragmatically, you will be able to deal with those issues that are most under your control. Threats are emphatically NOT under your control – they are “out there”, changing constantly, and require very significant expert resources to understand and deal with them.

You can put in place well-understood, simple-to-use technical and procedural threat management elements, but don’t be mesmerized by threats.

It takes only a single point of vulnerability to bring down a system.

Headed by Larry Dietz, TAL Global’s extensive Cyber Security practice helps organizations identify and mitigate risk factors to protect critical electronic infrastructure and ensure data integrity; applying a systematic risk assessment methodology to determine the state of the client’s information security posture and measuring it against where the client feels they need to be. We identify and isolate security weaknesses before they become liabilities.

We are experts at data recovery and search. Our in-depth criminal and civil investigations and expert witness capabilities help our clients build winning cases and reduce repeat infractions.

TAL Global presents a unique approach with a more Sun Tzu-like method where we help our clients think more like the enemy and consider the “why” of the attack as an effective mean for mitigating their risks.

Our services are organized into the following:

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